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August 22 2013


How to Get a Flat Stomach – The Venomous Rant

There is no information deficiency on how to get a flat stomach. Granted, there is plenty of false information out there. But for the most part, anybody who slept through biology 101 should be able to distinguish false information from valid information.

fit chick wiggling photo pic1fitchickwiggling_zps56e981a6.gif
Fit and Proud

In that case, how come that, there are so many girls running around in circles looking for the ultimate secret formula on how to get a flat stomach?

how to get a flat stomach photo pic2howtogetaflatstomach_zps5f1b05c3.jpg
how to get a flat stomach

I am going to tell you why!

Because they are lazy, gluttonous bitches!

how to get a flat stomach photo pic3howtogetaflatstomach_zps987ec760.jpg
how to get a flat stomach

Yeah, that’s right. I said! Do you want my address? Would you like to pay me a visit? Give me a piece of mind, eh? Do you want to put me in my place?

That’s your prerogative! But I just had to let it out!

how to get a flat tummy photo pic4howtogetaflattummy_zps29248810.jpg
how to get a flat tummy

I am exhausted and drained by gals acting like they have absolutely no common sense _ like biology is some mystical pseudo-science reserved for extraterrestrials.

how to get a jennifer lopez butt photo pic5howtogetajenniferlopezbutt_zps9ecc3912.jpg
how to get a Jennifer Lopez butt

Why does a gal in her late twenties think that, she can lose 15kg in 2 weeks? What is going on in that obese brain of hers?

Do you really think you can lose 15kg ~ (33lbs) in 2weeks?

how to get a flat belly photo pic6howtogetaflatbelly_zpsd50e1415.jpg
how to get a flat belly

Are you now screaming? Oh! So and so said that!

So what, if the internet is streaming with marketers promising you just that? So what, if TV commercials are incessantly bombarding you with such scams?

how to get a brazilian butt photo pic7howtogetabrazilianbutt_zps13a70b91.jpg
how to get a brazilian butt

By the time you get into your twenties, you should have learnt that, the world is full of sleazy marketers and fake fitness gurus, who routinely make fairy-tale claims just to extract your hard earned money.

You have to undergo gastric bypass surgery to lose that much weight in 2weeks?

Junk food binge photo pic8junkfoodbinge_zpscf8ebfd7.jpg
Junk Food Binge

Do not kid yourself! It takes years for gals like that to put on so much fat layers. Some of these gals never did any sports back in high school. We are talking about gals to whom exercise is a brave new concept.

how to develop a lean stomach photo pic9howtodevelopaleanstomach_zps1dea3c5a.jpg
how to develop a lean stomach

These are the same obese cows, who believe that, they can lose 15kg ~ (33lbs) in 2weeks. Maybe the high cholesterol level in their brains is preventing sufficient oxygen from nourishing their minuscule, atrophying green cells.

Where do their beliefs come from? Did that sleek fitness model on TV, hammer that outrageous belief into your brain?

How self-discipline made me rich photo pic10howself-disciplinemademerich_zps62059173.jpg
How self-discipline made me rich

Do you know why those sexy professional actresses on TV have lean tight abs? Because they get paid to exercise and eat right. They earn their living by staying in shape.

Those glamorous flat tummy actresses have probably been exercising and eating right all their lives. It does not matter have frequently and insistently they claim otherwise.

Fitness challenge photo pic20fitnesschallenge_zps753e0245.jpg

They are actresses reciting scripts, which have been written for them. The scripts have been written by the advertisement companies, who hired the actresses. The advertisement companies are hired by the industrialists, who created the products being pitched.

And for the nth time, NO! NO! NO!!!

how self-discipline made me rich photo pic12howself-disciplinemademerich_zpsb6c6f8fe.png
how self-discipline made me rich

Those electric vibration belts and power vibration plats will not give you the toned flat belly which, you crave.

Do you know that as early as 2002, the FDA had filed charges against the manufacturers of these products and their advertisement companies for making unfounded claims? Do you know that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and other regulatory agencies are de facto powerless against these scammers?

how to get a toned midsection photo pic13howtogetatonedmidsection_zps0b5d8efa.jpg
how to get a toned midsection

Pay close attention, the next time you watch a TV commercial pitching one of these gimmicks!

You will notice that, they never explicitly claim that, an abs belt will give you six-pack abs. If they do, they will get sued and lose tons of money. Instead the advertisers only claim that, their products will help you lose weight.

how to develop a brazilian butt photo pic14howtodevelopabrazilianbutt_zpscc8761c1.jpg
how to develop a Brazilian butt

Then they bombard your TV screen with drop dead gorgeous flat-stomach babes. And by so doing, trick you into selling yourself on the idea that, if you used these products, you too would get a flat stomach like those actresses.

And at the time, you are not thinking of those models as actresses. You think that they are just random ordinary people sharing their experiences with you of using the abs gimmicks.

Weight loss mania photo pic15weightlossmania_zps40df380f.jpg
Weight loss Mania

Permit me to once more sledge hammer the obvious facts into your advanced brain.

Those toned babes on TV are anything but ordinary people. They are actresses at best. Obsessed, psychotic fitness fanatics at worst. Just like you wake up in the morning and hop over to work. Those models wake up in the morning and hop over to the gym. They do it for a living.

Self-discipline is the key to success photo pic16self-disciplineisthekeytosuccess_zps1b544ad9.jpg
Self-discipline is the key to Success

Second off, it didn’t take them 2weeks to develop a lean, flat tummy. They have always had a flat belly. Those before and after comparison pictures which, you are shown all the time can be produced even by someone with my grandmother’s computer skill-set. All you need is 2hours on an infamous program called “Photoshop.”

Get your cardio going photo pic17getyourcardiogoing_zpsfe2b78f0.jpg
Get your cardio going in Swimming

Can a super slim diet give you a flat stomach?


There is absolutely no diet that can work magic all by itself. Diet fads with outrageous claims come and go. Super diets have an average life span of 3years.

pizza meal photo pic18pizzameal_zps2fb4da4b.jpg
Pizza Meal

Some diet company pushes this or that product into the market with a massive advertisement campaign. Phenomenal hype and excitement is created about the product, which is incidentally always discovered in some remote, esoteric recess of the world. The product is always based on the extract from some plant or fruit previously unknown to scientists; until, the scientist of the product company discovered it.

The hype flares on and on and lots of people buy and use the products only to discover the inevitable….

get a lean toned torso photo pic19getaleantonedtorso_zpsaa151bd1.jpg
get a lean toned torso

That the super diet does not work!

The same old story has been going on for decades. It is the story of how you waste your hard earned money pursuing the flat stomach in 2weeks dream. It is also the story of how the diet industry scores billion dollar profits, year after year.

Fitness challenge photo pic20fitnesschallenge_zps753e0245.jpg
Fitness Challenge

How long does it take to move from Obesity to a Flat Toned Stomach?

There is no definite answer for how long it will take. Individuals have different genetics. Genetics is a decisive factor in the velocity with which you lose weight.

Be yourself photo pic21beyourself_zps27850477.jpg
Be Yourself

How long it takes also depends on the intensity and consistency of your efforts. If you exercise intensely for one week and binge on the next, you will off course never lose weight and never develop a flat belly.

Wang Wei

Remember that only a person in normal weight can get a flat stomach. This means you must absolutely lose weight first, before attempting to develop a flat stomach.

Shape your beach body photo pic22shapeyourbeachbody_zps2265415a.jpg
Shape Your Beach Body

Losing weight and developing a flat stomach have the exact same recipe: REGULAR EXERCISE AND GOOD NUTRITION.

On average, you need to exercise and eat well for 3months in order to get a flat stomach. Yes, approximately 90days is just about how long it is going to take.

How to get a flat stomach photo pic23howtogetaflatstomach_zpsba797022.jpg
How to Get a Flat Stomach

However long it takes, it will not be 2weeks. If you are stupid enough to believe anyone who tells you this, then you deserve to be scammed. The reason you are being scammed is because you are looking for a short cut.

how to get a flat stomach photo pic24howtogetaflatstomach_zpscfb46ee4.jpg
how to get a flat stomach

You are looking for a short-cut because you are fat, lazy and unwilling to do the work. You are unwilling to pay for that lean, toned tummy with sweat and consistent self-discipline. You imagine that, you can buy your way to beauty just like you buy those hamburgers and pizza.

Sorry dear! Getting a flat stomach is hard work.

how to get a flat tummy photo pic25howtogetaflattummy_zps6f6c6197.jpg
how to get a flat tummy

Pay the price in sweat and consistent self-discipline and you won’t only have startling beauty as a reward but your self-confidence will also soar high above the clouds.

August 21 2013

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